Successful businesses realize the strategic importance of security planning and consulting and the traditional security approach of defense has shifted to a holistic ‘all-hazards’ organizational resilience approach. Corporate security departments are  constantly seeking innovative and cost-effective ways to ensure the physical security  of their facility, people, assets and information. Management plans generally include the core protective security areas and should be reviewed annually or as the risk landscape of the organization changes.
ATTAC Security LLC will create a robust security environment and craft a security strategy with services that include threat assessments, vulnerability testing, security audits, policy review and development, personnel deployment and master planning.
Our security plans are not only based on industry standards and best practices but also customized for your business' unique needs. In our years of experience, the most effective plans will incorporate responsibilities not only for preventing, detecting, investigating, and responding to incidents, but also for ongoing monitoring and updating of the plan itself.
ATTAC Security LLC's approach to creating a security master plan begins current risk environment assessment. We identify any high-risk areas in your organization based on the severity of impact and probability of occurence. This process can include both personnel interviews, location incursion testing, as well as technical resources assessment such as electronic security systems. Our ultimate goal is to create a security plan that will enable you to prioritize, estimate the cost, and implement risk mitigation measures that can be adapted based on your priorities and needs.
Security strategy decisions you make today will determine your organization’s security and vulenerability for years to come. Our comprehensive security consulting services enable you to have peace of mind and feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your family, office, employees, operations, facilities, and assets.






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