​ATTaC provides dynamic training programs, designed to meet critical and operational specific challenges.  Defensive Tactics, Verbal Intervention and De-Escalation, Although we speak of de-escalation as something new, the fact is that these techniques are considered interpersonal skills and virtually everyone potentially possesses them, including those in positions of authority. The concept of "de-escalation" does not exist when there has been no escalation in the first place. But because it is a set of skills, and because not everyone has them to the same degree, it's arguably a best practice to make it formal, and mandate its use whenever possible. This is one great method to help avoid a violent interaction between the police and the public. Make no mistake police and other law enforcement personnel are taught these techniques but many are not required after the initial training academy, which is why we at ATTaC SECURITY feel this should be continuous and required training for Law Enforcement and Security personnel. 


TRAVEL,  ATTaC Anti-Terrorism Travel Service

provides a comprehensive approach to managing travel. From start to finish, area specific cultural training,pre-operational deployment, training, we can provide crucial security consultation options at every stage. Travel and Travel plans are comprehensively analyzed and managed by our  specialized security professionals who will provide current threat information, route reconnaissance along with mitigation and support options. ATTaC can support executive, business or personal travel as well as large-scale, specialized equipment movement and transportation programs and requests. Disaster planning and assistance is also available. 






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